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 Battle Report Glitch

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PostSubject: Battle Report Glitch   Battle Report Glitch I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 16, 2013 3:51 am

Recently I've learned that I have be getting attacked. I wouldn't have noticed if the attacker had not taken so much the last attack. I thought he was probing me, because I've been receiving spy reports in place of battle report and my resources seemed to be intact. This glitch or whatever has caused me to lose an ample amount of resources. I would have played this a lot different had I received a battle report the first time I was attacked. Now my progress has been really slowed while someone else has greatly benefited from a glitch in the game. I had thought this was a decent game when I first started playing, but my old account was deleted for some reason and now this glitch Sad . I may just stop playing it now. Only 16 people on the server anyway. That says a lot in itself.
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Battle Report Glitch
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