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 NEEDS SMALL AMOUNT OF RES Imperial is back :)

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PostSubject: NEEDS SMALL AMOUNT OF RES Imperial is back :)   Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:58 pm

Hello again Sweden, this is Imperial. I had account ages ago and since then I can only reconise about 3 people here :O. I'm glad to see that the server is now fully "solar driven" gratz. Anyway the one thing I really disliked about ogame was the slow crawl speed start, waiting and waiting to get first ships, techs etc. I kinda miss the times when I had nanite factory up to 15 and was capable of building any ship but DS and Supernova instantaneously. The point I'm making is that a donation of even a few million of each resource would be very welcome and I will pay back with moonshots etc when I get going again. And by the way I know that 1million is not a lot to the established players here Razz
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NEEDS SMALL AMOUNT OF RES Imperial is back :)
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