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 Announcing the Bregan D-aerthe Raiding Initiive.

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PostSubject: Announcing the Bregan D-aerthe Raiding Initiive.   Sun Mar 25, 2012 3:29 pm

As of today, let it be known that any and all FTW members are subject to intense raiding from Bregan D-aerthe. This is not a war declaration. This is simply a warning, saying that if you stay with your alliance, you are subject to being decimated. Bregan D-aerthe always accepts new members with open arms, regardless of past affiliations.

The reason behind this is because FTW is now defunct. Shadowstorm and An3 have been banned and have announced that they have no plans on wanting to return.

Enjoy our bombers.

Jarlaxle AKA KingKull2112
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Announcing the Bregan D-aerthe Raiding Initiive.
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