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 Planet Cap!! Important!!

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PostSubject: Planet Cap!! Important!!   Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:24 am

In the original Ogame (redesign), you can increase the number of planets that you are able to have by increasing the level of expedition technology. In this game, the max is 15 and you cannot get above that. This poses a cap on the ability of an empire to grow, thus allowing it to stagnate.

There are well enough planets (67365); with an average of approx. 2000 per 30 people. No one will ever get enough resources to get expedition technology up to level 3971. An additional planet for every other level up of the technology with a base max of 15 planets (current).

This gives incentive to research, and not let it stagnate. The game will become more competitive, the players will have to race for planets in order to get an advantage. The battles will become epic; 100's of planets producing ships (possible 100's Millions ships in one battle) and alliance will become necessary. The total number of users (very unlikely) will never get to above 100, with 673 planets per player.

Please know what you think and if possible if it is approved, an implementation date.

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Planet Cap!! Important!!
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